Liberia is richly endowed with natural resources including water, 矿产资源, 森林, and has a climate favourable to agriculture. While the nation’s complex history has previously limited infrastructure and urban growth there are now indicators that sectors such as energy, 矿业, 信息通信技术, and transportation are on the rise with positive investment and political commitment underpinning long-term goals.

利比里亚正处于过渡阶段, emerging from a post-conflict society to a developing country; there have been big efforts made to attract private investors and to reduce corruption. The incumbent government is making gains in aligning Liberian politics, 经济, and institutions for development of the country and this is creating opportunities for international stakeholders to increase their presence and support Liberia in realising it’s potential.

Bilateral relations between 乐博彩票官方app and Liberia have been strong for many years and 乐博彩票官方app has been one of Liberia’s largest donors of foreign aid. This relationship has evolved from the historical donor position to active development investment. In December 2020, a decision was taken by the Swedish Cabinet to commit SEK 1.85 billion to a five-year Swedish Development Co-operation with Liberia. 这一策略, running from 2021-2025 spans several developmental areas including support for inclusive economic development.

The economic potential of Liberia is considerable and Swedish companies have the potential and scope to contribute with value and solutions to help the market progress in the right direction and boost already emerging sectors.

利比里亚是一个发展中的国家, the decisions and investments made today will reverberate for many years to come. 现在得到它是必要的.

以下四个领域备受关注: 能源、矿业、信息通信技术和交通运输


Studies of Liberia’s energy sector demonstrate vast opportunities for investment, huge hydropower potential and strong scope for solar energy. Several projects financed by the EU and the multilateral development banks are underway, offering excellent opportunities for Swedish companies to participate in the affiliated procurement processes.


The country’s natural resources offer great economic potential and in the 矿业 industry and Swedish companies could contribute significantly in the vast transition needed to create a more sustainable industry. The importance of this transition goes beyond economic gains and reduced environmental damage; in Liberia, it is also a question of social 可持续性 and human rights. 乐博彩票官方app在60年代的存在, through the Liberian America Swedish 矿业 Company (LAMCO), has generated goodwill in Swedish-Liberian relations.

信息 & 通信技术

While 信息通信技术 is still an emerging sector in the country, it contains big growth potential. 2020年1月, there were four million mobile connections in Liberia, equivalent to 83 per cent of the population, while mobile connections increased by 32 per cent between 2019 and 2020. There are also development strategies and roll-out plans to digitalise registration and acquisition of several services including national identification cards, 驾驶执照, 护照, 以及居留和工作许可. Swedish companies have the expertise and strategic knowledge that will be invaluable to help Liberia’s e- governance momentum and possibly expand the frontier.


To enhance economic, as well as social development in Liberia, transport is a fundamental component. It is estimated that approximately USD 160 million, 接近GDP的8%, is spent on roads and bridges every year.  The National Transit Authority (NTA) of Liberia is open for public-private partnerships to improve its fleet of buses and bus terminals, and to expand the in-land road transportation network in Liberia. Given the paramount importance of a good transport system, this along with the required infrastructure, present large-scale investment opportunities for foreign stakeholders, and several bilateral and multilateral donors are engaged in the road sector.

The future of Liberia is being defined and the investments and strategic direction taken now will shape the country for generations to come. Business 乐博彩票官方app and the Embassy of 乐博彩票官方app in Liberia have co-created a report exa矿业 Liberia’s current situation and potential for growth with special emphasis on opportunities for Swedish companies, as well as strategic considerations and recommendations for successfully navigating the market conditions.

我们的报告, 利比里亚:一个正在崛起的乐博彩票官方app provides detailed analysis and exploration of Liberia’s current and future growth opportunities.

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